Grove - Capacitive Moisture Sensor (Corrosion-Resistant)

Dear users,

I would like to ask some questions.
Firstly, I would like to ask about range of output value of the sensor. Generally, i would like to know what is maximum output value (when the sensor is in the water) and minimum output value (when the soil is dry) of the sensor. For example for classic sensor (Grove Moisture Sensor) maximum value is 950, when it’s in the water and 0 when the soil is dry. But i’d like to use Corrosion-Resistant for my own project.
Secondly, i would like how i should understand “If the you uses Arduino UNO as the motherboard, it is recommended that use the DC power supply. Otherwise, the maximum ripple of VCC may exceed 100mV”. Actually, i use Arduino Uno, and i would like to as if it means that i should just power my Arduino by AC/DC adapter (7-12V)?
I’m looking forward to receiving your answers.
Best wishes, stay healthy.

Hi @xSwistak
The range of the output value isn’t listed at the NE555DR Datasheet, it is influenced by many factors.
Yes, it means that you should power your Arduino with AC/DC adapter (7-12V).