Grove - Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner/Sensor - Python Library

I noticed there is no library available for working with this hardware on Raspberry PI (using python). I tried it with the most common used python library pyfingerprint and although it connects fine, it doesn’t receive back the expected response from the device.
I don’t feel like reverse engineering the protocol definition from the Arduino code. Using an arduino isn’t an option in this project, so I really need to get the hardware to work on raspberry (preferably using python). Do you know of a compatible library I could use, or give me the necessary information so I can adapt an existing python framework to run it? I see raspberry support is supposedly coming; any timing on when this would happen? Can I lend you a hand in making this happen?

Sorry, there is no Python library yet, and we will incorporate this requirement into our development plan. @Gert_Nelen

Hey! I am facing the same issue.If u have come across anyway please let me know. Thank you