Grove camera

I bought this: … p-945.html

Hooked up serial TX,RX, 5v, Gnd. When I power it on I see on PC terminal:
.Ctrl infr exist
.User-defined sensor
.Init end

But it does not respond to any commands. That means I hooked up the 4 wires correctly, not backwards. That means I have the correct baud rate. I tried sending:
0x56 0x00 0x26 0x00
0x56 0x00 0x36 0x01 0x00
nothing in response. Not the above text, Assembled a packet in X-CTU.

What can I test next? Please help!

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Do you use anything connected to the computer on? TX, RX is connected reversal? Can you give some photo or screenshot?

Give us more detail.

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I replied by Email, I haven’t been checking here every day.
Please come to this forum if you think you can help me?,92367.0.html

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The forum is the best way to support our customer.
You know that.

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