Grove Button / LED Button

Hello guys, how are you? I’m not an expert in Arduino but I could work fine with Grove. I have a project that uses Grove Button but I would like to change to a LED Button (not Grove), is it possible? I would like to use this button as the same way that Grove buttons works in my code.

I would like to use this Grove cable to make the connections, my doubt is: how to connect the SIG, NC, VCC, GND pins of my Grove Button on the LED Button pins (NC, NO, C, +, -)?

Thanks in advance!

See the following schematic, so if you wanna use it as Grove-button:

Power +(5V) --> C
C --> +

  • –> Power -(GND)

Enjoy it.


The [b]NC[b] as labelled on the PCB SIG, NC, VCC, GND is short for Not Connected.

Not Normally Closed.