Grove Breadboard

Quick question: Is there any particular reason (or am I missing the concept) why the traditional pair of VCC/GND bus was omitted from the design?

Also, will there be a baseplate (for order) to mount all the Grove devices (as illustrated in the email note)? A baseplate can be easily prepared from a hardware shop purchase (as I did for the Grove Irrigation Kit) but something with etches (along the lines of something useful for beginners with a starter kit) to hit the ground running. Just a thought.


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It it limited by the space. you can use the vertical line for the vcc and gnd. For the second input, i will feedback to product manager. thanks.

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I made a baseplatefor testing, maybe it will help you, get the file here~ or attachments

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … Breadboard”></LINK_TEXT>

In addition, there is a PSD file for drawing breadboard sketches, which I believe will be helpful in actual use or when doing tutorials.
Grove-Breadboard (601 KB)
Grove kit baseplate Test (52.4 KB)
Grove - Breadboard - DXF example.jpg
Grove - Breadboard - DXF preview.png
Grove - Breadboard - PSD preview.png

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thanks for the sharing.