Grove Bluetooth

Good morning.

I have just recieved a grove Serial Bluetooth WLS31746P. I have hooked it up to a grove shield and arduino. I have downloaded the library and the sample code and am just trying to upload the default sketch with no changes to see how it works.

I get the following error "conflicting return type specified for "virual void NewSoftSerial::write(uint8_t)’

do i have some old library or something? Any suggestions please?


What Arduino version do you use?Where did you download the libraries?And you can view the WIKI there is manual to show how to use. … _Bluetooth

same thing happened to me with a bluetooth shield, I download the version 0019 and had no problems.

ver 0019 of the grove library or something else?

Can you send me a link to that version so i can try it?

I have Arduino 1.0. I downloaded the libraries from the wiki… … _Bluetooth

I was following the instructions from the WIKI, just to get the slave setup. This seems to be a problem with the library.


you need Arduino 0019

will there be an update for the most current version of Arduino?

in 0019 the arduino UNO is not listed. I am able to compile, but when i upload to the board i get the following error.

protocol error, expect =0x14, resp=0x51

Dear customers,

Happy new year.

I try to use Bluetooth,it is work at Arduino v0023. And library is OK to run. NO error.

So I think both of you may be load to Arduino v1.0 or other version,different Arduino has different libraries. It is change a lot with Arduino.
And this bluetooth should use 2 libraries “NewSoftSerial” “Bluetooth” to work. Did you load it?

By the way, our Bluetooth can not support Arduino 1.0 yet. But we will update later.
If still can’t work, tell us more detail.

Thank you, that worked like a charm.

Much Appreciated!