Grove Bluetooth problem

HI! im working on some Bluetooth Grove device. Im working with seeedstudio mega shield. Im sending commands to the grove bluetooth and echoing in my arduino terminal. All seems ok, device starts (as a slave) inq and waiting for connections. On pc im using some bluetooth dongle (non uart bee) it found my device connects and pairing, but do not found any comm port service so i can’t get connection or do some terminal connection. what can i do? i tryed many many times. There is more commands? (ej. \r\n+INQ\r\n) this device can support AT commmands? this bluetooth device firmware can be changed? thanks for help!!

Hi, see the wiki that how to connect Grove Bluetooth to PC. Or you can download other bluetooth serial software .


Thanks for reply. Yes i’d seen the “tutorial” how to connect but i do all steps and do not connect. Bluetooth serial software as Bluesoleil? does Windows bluetooth stack do not work??

  1. Make sure that your Grove bluetooth(as slave) can be found ,waiting for connection.Which pin of arduino do you use to connect Grove bluetooth ,it that Rx Tx(hardserial) ? If it does , open the serial monitor .
  2. Use other bluetooth device connect to grove bluetooth. Example:a bluetooth device (use COM8) on your computer , use Bluetooth serial communication software choose COM8 and pair Grove bluetooth .
    Send message … the message will show on arduino IDE serial monitor.