Grove Bluetooth (Green Version) Is not discover-able


I have never had any luck getting this module to work, but now I have a project that I would really like to use it in.

Using the slave sketch in the wiki, I can get the module to be apparently discoverable. Both the green and red lights flash.

I have also been able to change the baud rate of the module up and down.

However none of my bluetooth enabled devices can discover the arduino.

So far I have tried:

Lenovo U410
Galaxy Tab 10.1
Galaxy Nexus phone
Google Nexus 7’ Tablet.
Main PC’s Logitech BT adaptor.

I am at a loss. Anything else I can try?

No one can help?

If it adds anything to the discussion, the version number on the module is v0.9b. I have now tried both the sketches in the file …
both compile, neither work.

I am guessing that I was sold a dud?

Looks like it was a fault in the device. I got a new one and it works just fine using the same code.