Grove Beginner Kit - great product, but USB protection components missing

I just received my Grove Beginners Kit, and it works well - what a great design! I especially like the preloaded firmware and good product support on the wiki. However, I was checking the board against the circuit diagram you have published and noticed that the USB ESD protection components appear to be missing, as shown in the attached photo. I wonder if you knew that, as there might be damage returns if static electricity gets the better of the board as it is plugged into a laptop, as can happen on chairs in summer.


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Hi Tony,
Thank you for pointing this out. We were aware of this, initially because of the ESD components package issue, and we removed the ESD in the production version. Now that we have resolved the packaging issue, we will be adding the ESD components in the next batch.

Also, don’t worry, we have tested that even without these ESD components, there is only a very small chance that the PCB will be damaged by static electricity.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Hi @tony1tf
Yes, you observe very carefully. There are indeed no ESD protection diodes on this version of the PCB.
And jellyfish gave a reasonable explanation.

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