Grove beginner Kit Driver installation does not work Rel 10

I had 5 Grove Beginner Kits purchased. But I cannot get the drivers to install.
Your instructions: Download the [CP2102 USB Driver] Then I get this:
Which of the 6 CP210x should I download? Obviously not the MAC!

** [CP210x Universal Windows Driver]*

  • [CP210x VCP Mac OSX Driver]
  • [CP210x VCP Windows]
  • [CP210x Windows Drivers]
  • [CP210x Windows Drivers with Serial Enumerator]
    [Show 6 more Software]

Once I decompress the files, which files should I run?
At times it tells me that the best drivers are already installed. What then?
Where can I find more details about the driver install for w 10?
Thanks for your help.