Grove Beginner Kit Demo Firmware Issue

This firmware demo
does not allow the temp/humidity module to work. Compiles, and other modules appear to work.

I think the board worked out of the box, but then ran into this problem after uploading the published demo code .

@Seeed_Seraphina could you please check the firmware demo?

What is the problem in the compilation process? I had a problem with the u8g2 library when using the original library provided by the zip package. Finally, I re-installed the u8g2 library 2.34.22 version on the library manager and it can compile normally

It’s not a compile issue. It compiles fine. The temp and humidity just displays 0 for each value.
I tested the module with other code and it works fine, so it’s not a hardware issue.

Can I have a picture of your temperature and humidity sensor? For some grove beginner kit, the temperature and humidity sensor model is DH20, not DH11. So you may need to check your model first

It’s the DHT20 with I2C. I got sample code running on it as a 20. So the firmware demo needs to be updated. Thanks.

Thank you very much for your feedback :grinning:

Will the file be updated soon? We want to use these boards in the classroom. Thanks.

Sorry, we haven’t updated this yet. Perhaps you can make changes based on the DHT20 code