Grove Beginner Kit Consistent Compiling Error

I am using the Grove Arduino Beginner Kit with Arduino Board. Arduino IDE version 1.18.15

I am working through the lessons that accompany the kit and can successfully compile a sketch two or three times. However, after these first successful attempts I then consistently receive the following error message that displays ( in red font) in a dialogue box at the bottom of the sketch: “exit 1 Error compiling for board Arduino Uno”.

This condition persists even after I compile and run a blank sketch, close the IDE and re-open it, and disconnect/reconnect the board. After some time, and for no apparent reason, the problem will resolve itself, but this is an intermittent occurrence.

Any advice on how to approach and resolve this condition would be much appreciated.

Have you ever tried to replace the USB port of the computer or connect this board to other computers? Will the same problem happen? This can help us determine whether it is the board or the interface of the computer.

I upgraded the drivers for the USB ports and used a different port for the board. Now it works perfectly. Thank you for the advice.