Grove Beginner kit and ardublock ( problem with 1315 OLED )

Hello ,

i use the “Grove beginner kit” with my students. Some of them are really young and programming is a little bit difficult for them, so i use “Ardublock” .

I found how to use all the parts of the kit , with “blocks” , except for one, the OLED 1315 screen. I try different method with different blocks , and i have an error.

So , i try to find an Ardublock library who can help me with the 1315 OLED sreen.

Best regards.


Hi Franck_Cousquer!
Our OLED Display 0.96" (SSD1315) on Beginner Kit is the same as SSD1306.
So you can use the tutorial codes.
Have a nice day!

Hello Liu ,

thanks for the answer. Yes, 1306 and 1315 are compatible , my problem seems to be with the library . Here are my screens.

On my program in block . First , i initialize the screen , then i choose my text and position, then i ask to display my text.

When i try to send the program to the grove kit , i have a fatal error about algorithm… i don’t understand what is this error.



Bonjour , Franck_Cousquer!
I know your situation now. According to the error information, the problem is the wrong library. We recommend you to use Adafruit_SSD1306 Library. You can use the example of the library.

Thank you, i will try this.