Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi does not work properly

I bought Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi on August to learn how IoT works and then for using sensors and LCD in future project… but nothings works… all documentations, instructions and examples are out of date and I cannot figure how to get it working… I am pretty disapointed. any sugestions? e.g. How did I get LCD running? I am using Raspberry Pi OS (bullseye).

Hi, could you install in your Raspberry Pi?

Are there any reported errors you can provide?

hi, thank you very much for your answers and sorry for my late.
I had already installed successfully on my Raspberry Pi but I got errors while I tried to install dependencies - MRAA and UPM. I found out that it is no longer supported for Raspberry Pi. I use the latest Bullseye version.
I also find a solution - I bought Arduino Uno and grove shield for it… And than I was able to run all grove sensors… But it is shame, that it does not work any more on RPi… Grove Base Kit for RPi is still on the stock, also at original e-shop, you can get it very easily. But it is very difficult to find out, that it will not work anymore. Especially for a newbie like me it is really time waste.