Grove Base HAT 40 pins raspi compatible for our odyssey

It’s not fair to give as a solution for the odyssey, saying grove base hat for raspi is working with it.
It’s not true. No grove module can work at 1.8V, and I2C modules doesnt work.

First there’s no grove base hat for arduino 28 pins
Second it’s 10$ for the raspi 40 pins hat wich CANT work with odyssey

It’s really not fair

@hmarois21 Pls update the latest BIOS and EC, latest firmware is 3.3V signal. You can have a try.

What about I2C ?
For now, my odyssey is full headless without any keyboard available, and fully functionnal since near 2 years. (despit the poor fan quality, and no easy acces to 28 arduino compatible port)
As the bios upgrade is not very friendly, i’ll avoid to upgrade it unless the raspi base hat is fully compatible.
Btw, thank you @Bruce.Qin I will wait for some years to have a real non kludged bios & hats for both 28 and 40 pins and why not real antenna for bluetooth