Grove - Analog Microphone with RPi Hat

Hi, I would like to have an audio recording node for my project, so I bought the Grove Analog Microphone alongside a Grove Base Hat for RPi.
However, I do not seem to find some code samples on the wiki or the github for the recording.

Is there any available or upcoming resource for this?

Thanks in advance!

The Audio Recording requires a sound card to complete. Grove - Analog Microphone can be used to collect some sound data, through which information such as volume and size can be obtained, but it cannot record.

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Thanks for your reply! Will look into getting one.

Hello Baozhu,

I did the same thing by buying the analog mic and Base PiHat but getting the volume of digital, even analog, sound that is processed by the microphone would be enough for me. Do you have a code sample that I could see so that I can start working with it?

Thank you.