Grove Alcohol Sensor directly to arduino

I have a grovbe alcohol sensor that i want to connect to an arduino 1 directly, without the grove shield. I am a bit confused about the example.

In the code it says:

//Alcohol Sensor DAT Pin is connected to Analog Input Pin 0 (A0)
#define analogInDatPin 0

//Alcohol Sensor SCL Pin is connected to Analog Input Pin 1 (A1). In this case it is used as digital ouput.
//15 is mapped to A1
#define heaterSelPin 15

so i am assuming that the yellow cable from the sensor goes to A0 in the arduino. What about the white cable? where should i plug it in? I have it in A1 but when i run the code i get a value of 0 which leads me to believe that the sensor is not sensing anything.

Any suggestions?

The white cable also need to be connected to Arduino.

Grove Alcohol Sensor --> Arduino
Yellow–>analog 0 , white–> analog 1, vcc–>5v, GND–>GND.