Grove Air Quality Sensor

Hello .

I’m trying tu use Grove Air Quality Sensor <LINK_TEXT text=“ … nsor_v1.3/”></LINK_TEXT> with an Arduino Uno

(without the Grove Base Shield).

I did like it is writen in the documentation:

black > GND arduino

yellow > A0 arduino

red: 5V Arduino

I uploaded the exemple sketch to test the module (it start with Serial.begin(9600) So I configured the serial monitor at 9600 baud.)


I excepted this response (like shown in the doc) :
</s><i> </i>sys_starting... The init voltage is ... 82 Sensor ready. Test begin... sensor_value: 37 Fresh air <e>

I got this :

</s><i> </i>sys_starting... Th <e>


I increased the baud rate in the code and the serial monitor; it show a little bit more every time but not at enough…

At 2 Millions baud:

</s><i> </i>sys_starting... The init voltage is ... 82 Sensor ready. <e>

Why must I increase baud rate to 2 million to get this :shock: and why can’t I see everything at 9600 bauds ?

Thanks !

Hi there,

i just download the code to arduino uno, it displays correct as below. please down load the code again and see if the issue is gone. thanks.

Unfortunetly, nothing change when I re-upload the code… :cry:

Hi there,

please take a picture about the hardware setup. thanks.

I just followed the doc:




I got the same problems, The length of the message increase when I increase baudrate, but I still can’t see enough at 2Millions baud.

Module should work at 9600…

Still no solutions…

If anyone can help

I just discovered that the incomplete message in the serial monitor happen even If the module is not connected…

So it seems to show that the sketch run like the module is not connected…

Any idea why ? I changed the cables

Hi there

please change airqualitysensor.counter to 61 and test it again. thanks.

if(airqualitysensor.counter==122)–> if(airqualitysensor.counter==61)

I got the same error… What this line is supposed to change ?

Any idea what </s>airqualitysensor.init(14);<e> the 14 means ? :frowning:


Hi there,

The Arduino pin numbers corresponding to the analog pins are 14 through 19. Note that these are Arduino pin numbers, and do not correspond to the physical pin numbers on the Atmega168 chip. The analog pins can be used identically to the digital pins, so for example, to set analog pin 0 to an output, and to set it HIGH, the code would look like this:

pinMode(14, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(14, HIGH);


Thanks for the explanation. I don’t think I can resolve the problem with this.

Today I tried the Grove Base Shield of a friend to see if it resolve the problem and nothing changed, I had the same message in the monitor.

I have 3 hypothesis of what is the problem, I’m trying to know which is right:

-The 4 pin cable is defective

  • There is an issue with my Arduino model or with the documentation
  • The sensor is defective


    If you can bring any help, I’ll be happy !



  1. please use the library “<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ity_Sensor”></LINK_TEXT>”

  2. I have 2 arduino uno, for the serial chip, one is 16u2, it works well with the code and the other is 8u2 with the same issue as yours. what is the serial chip? is it atmega 8u2 or 16u2? thanks.

    best rgds


Hi ,

My arduino is Quimat Uno R3 with Atmel ATMEGA328 PU chip.

Is this chip compatible with the sensor ?


I tried with the Arduino Mega from a friend, which is built with a ATMEGA 2560 16AU chip and it doesn’t change anything.

Hi there,

I do not have a good answer. please drop mail to, we get a replacement for you. thanks.