Grove - Air quality sensor v1.3 - Thresholds


In looking at the source code for both the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi/Grove Pi, you have picked threshold values that appears slightly different, and that are using the ADC output.

Assuming 5vdc, for example, with the Arduino Code you have picked:

200 - 0.98vdc
400 - 1.95vdc
700 - 3.42vdc

Again, assuming 5vdc, for the Raspberry Pi you show:

300 - 1.46vdc
700 - 3.42vdc

I’m curious first, why the difference?

Then, where did you get these values, and how are they related to low, high, and very high pollution?

How did you get these values from the datasheet?

Also, is there an English version of the datasheet that is for the v1.3 component?

I looked at the bottom of the Wiki page here: … ensor_v1.3

You provide a Chinese version of the v1.4 datasheet?