grove air quality library for mkr1010


I am using an mkr1010 arduino ( and want to use the grove air quality sensor (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … nsor_v1.3/”></LINK_TEXT>).

I am using this library (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ity_Sensor”></LINK_TEXT>), but after compiling in the arduino IDE, I get this error:

WARNING: library Grove_Air_quality_Sensor-master claims to run on avr architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on samd architecture(s).

Sketch uses 13436 bytes (5%) of program storage space. Maximum is 262144 bytes.

Is there any library for the samd architecture? Which library should I use?


currently, the grove lib does not support SAMD Microcontrollers officially, let me check and I’ll get back to you.

Any update on library that supoorts SAMD?