Grove AI HAT on Raspberry Pi

Hi, I am experimenting with the Grove AI HAT on a Raspberry Pi 4. The aim is to integrate both into a robot, with the grove sensors and grove motor driver connected to the AI HAT. How can I get both devices to communicate? The RasPi has arduino-core and the Arduino IDE installed. How can I program the AI HAT from the RasPi? Please don’t tell me by connecting both via USB cable!


You can use Serial Communication like UART to communicate with Raspberry Pi and Grove AI HAT to communicate with each other.

Thank you! Do you know of any documentation, other than the few data sheets and the two face recognition demos that seeed provides? The kendryte-standalone-sdk, which the Arduino IDE board manager tries to install, is unfortunately not available for Raspbian; using the Arduino IDE from the RasPi thus seems to be impossible.


There is some good documentation for the Speed out there example,

what is the problem you are facing while installing the Arduino-core on the Raspberry Pi ?

Hi, thanks, I will look into these instructions! I had been following the tutorial in the wiki, <LINK_TEXT text=“ … Computing/”></LINK_TEXT>, the problem occurred at step 2, installing the board in the Arduino IDE Boards Manager. I tried that with the two newest versions, with two different error messages (please see the attached screenshots).
Capture 1.JPG
Capture 2.JPG

this might problem with Arduino IDE version, so can you try with Arduino IDE version 1.8.9.