Grove ADC for load cell hx711 - library and demo code?

Hiya Seeed and community!

Recently purchased the GrovePi+ starter kit and the Seeed Grove ADC for load cell (HX711) sensor for a university project.

GrovePi+ is configured and working on a RPi 3B using Dexter’s Raspian for Robots OS. Demo sw for other sensors works without issue - but the critical sensor for my project is the HX711 load cell to sense the weight of the contents.

Where is the Grove library for the HX711 sensor? I cannot locate it on the wiki or in GitHub.

Which port on the GrovePi does it plug into? Digital, analog, i2c ?

Which GPIO pins on the RPi does this then map to?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated since this assign,ent does have a finite timeline.

Thanks in advance!

You can auto install in arduino 2.x by going to library and searching for hx711 by Rob Tillaart

Should connect to any digital UART port configured in the code

The software appears to be setup for grove socket D7 but can be changed in code
uint8_t dataPin = 6;
uint8_t clockPin = 7;

Maybe you can check this article