Grove ACS725 Current Sensor Module (granularity)

First I apologize for my gross ignorance and not knowing exactly which section this question should be posted. I have been looking at the “Grove ACS725 Current Sensor Module” but after going through all the Allegro specifications and the Grove documentation there is still one bit of information that escapes me. What is the ‘granularity’ (resolution) of the sensed current? I realize that there is a base sensitivity 264 millivolts per amp and a zero offset (must be calibrated per board). But what is the practical minimum step of the sensor voltage output. I am almost certain that it is not 1/infinity (perfect linearity) and I hope it is not equivalent to a full amp (264 millivolts).

Thank you.

Hi @LewTwo
Resolution refers to a parameter read by ADC, so Grove acs725 current sensor module has no resolution parameter. This module outputs analog quantity, the value of the analog quantity is continuous output, and the step length is the digital quantity.