Grove 96 x 96 OLED

Just a small question about the grove OLED module and the supplied code.

The circuit diagram shows VDD and VCI connected to 2.5V but the supplied code does this:

sendCommand(0xAB); // set vdd internal sendCommand(0x01); //
which sets VDD to use the internal regulator. Which doesn’t seem necessary if VDD is already supplied. Also, the SSD datasheet (8.10) says that VCI should be higher than 2.6V to do this. In other words, figure 8.20 matches the Grove circuit diagram so shouldn’t the code be:

sendCommand(0xAB); // set vdd external sendCommand(0x00); //
Nice little module by the way. I keep buying these as they save me so much time and pain doing it myself!

thanks for your favor on seeed’s product.
as this module, after checking the SSD1327 datasheet, the datasheet reminds: “VCI shoud be larger than 2.6V when using the internal VDD”, but the VCI in the module is 2.5V , so, external VCI should be used .

sendCommand(0xAB); // set vdd external sendCommand(0x00); //
thanks for your suggestion .

I guess it works anyway otherwise you would have people commenting on the test code.

I haven’t tested this by the way but when I test it I’ll post back!