Grove - 8 Channel I2C Multiplexor Hub - Pullup Resistors

I need to implement a TCA9548A Multitasking (MUX) on my project, because I have a device (Grove 96*96 OLED Display 1.12 inch V3) that has 4.7 K Ohm pullups and when it is connected it kills the I2C bus because all the other devices have 10 KOhm pullups.

So I found this Seeed 8 Channel Multilplexor Hub and lo and behold (!) it also has 4.7 Kohm pullups.

My question is, can the Pullup resistors on this device easily be changed or removed from circuit ? I ask this question because the PCB layout cannot easily be viewed.

It seems to me that Seeed have deliberately placed low values of pullups on their Grove devices because they know it will limit the number of devices connected to the bus. You see, the lower the pullups (all connected in parallel) the greater current is drawn particularly from the I2C master device; which has a limit often < 3 mA. You do the math. A more reasonable value of pullup resistor is 10 KOhms.