Grove - 8 Channel I2C Multiplexer/I2C Hub support on Wio

When will Grove - 8 Channel I2C Multiplexer/I2C Hub be supported on Wio platform? We are in a project where this could help quite much!

Hi @Jamrb, Yes it will work but currently it only have hardware support, you should right your own software in order to make it work.

Thanks Salman, but when will it work? In one month, in one year perhaps? We would like to address all eight i2c sensors with REST web services to a Wio Node.

I2C is based on address, so if you add more device and it can be map address, it works fine. are you facing any issues?

Well, we did not purchase the hardware yet because on the Bazaar page it says it is not supported on Wio, there is a red circle with a “to do” message. So you say it is supported? In this case how do you construct the URL to address a web service request to, for instance, i2c sensor connected to groove port 6?

The to-do message mens, the library and the example sketch need to be developed, may I know which WIO Product you are planning to use!

We are planning to use wio node. Connecting i2c groove multiplexer to wio node, then plug eight i2c sensors to it.
From an external device we want to make rest web services requests to wio node to get information from the 8 sensors.

Great, WIO Node is based on ESP8266 which normally comes with 4MB flash and support and it comes with WIO App , to speed up your prototyping.

Great, but I still don’t know how make web services requests to a wio node where 8 sensors are connected using s multiplexor. Is this possible or not? If yes, how?