Grove +\- 5A Current Sensor (ACS70331) Sensitivity

I have purchased the above module. Allegro’s datasheet indicates a sensitivity of 200mV/A, as does the wiki entry on Seeed Studio. In practice I am getting 35mV/A. I have tried many inputs from 0 to 2A DC, measured with lab power supply and multimeter. Zero offset is 1.54 V. I have tried 3.3 and 5 V inputs. Have I received a broken module?

Hi rowsto64!
I am sorry to inform you the product is out of stock now so that we cannot have a test for this module. I will receive you in this thread when the module is available.

Thank you. But does the data sheet not specify the correct resolution? Regardless, I will wait for your test, as the product is still of interest if 200mV/A is correct.