Grove 4pin cable larger than 50cm???

Hello, i have a Grove-Universal 4 Pin Buckled 50cm Cable (5 PCs Pack) but i have just realized that i need a larger one. I was thinking about buying another pack and link both cables with a Grove-Universal 4 pin connector. It could be possible?? Another solution?


How long do you expect to get?

My aim is to get a minimum a total length =100cm. Desired total length =200cm

Anyone can confirm if this kind of connection is possible??? :open_mouth: Remind:

Grove-Universal 4 Pin Buckled 50cm Cable + Grove-Universal 4 pin connector + Grove-Universal 4 Pin Buckled 50cm Cable

2 * 50cm Cable and Heat Shrink Tube?!

Heat problems??? with 5V max??? i do not understand what are you talking about exactly. Sorry for my english understandig…

Heat Shrink Tube
German? Schrumpfschlauch :smiley:

Ooooooooohh sorry i see!!! for protect the link!!! Yes, i know the heat shrink tube, it shrink when you put a flame close!!!
Certainly, i am spanish :smiley:

So finally we are right about using all that things, don’t we?