Grove 433 Mhz on attiny85 via arduino uno

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to get the grove 433Mhz work on my arduino uno without success for 2 weeks now…
My projet is to use attiny85 chips to receive a command from the rf link to make a led blink.
I’ve try to use manchester on it (see for more details).

So i have connected the rx and tx on my arduino just for the test, and i receive nothing!
Do you think it’s possible to get it work on the same board to be sure it can work?

Does someone even build something with an attiny85?

This is the code for testing on arduino uno:
#include <MANCHESTER.h>

#define TxPin 2 //the digital pin to use to transmit data

#define RxPin 12

unsigned int Tdata = 0; //the 16 bits to send

void setup()
MANCHESTER.SetTxPin(TxPin); // sets the digital pin as output default 4

MANCHESTER.SetRxPin(RxPin); //user sets rx pin default 4
MANCHESTER.SetTimeOut(1000); //user sets timeout default blocks
Serial.begin(9600); // Debugging only

}//end of setup

void loop()
Tdata +=1;

unsigned int data = MANCHESTER.Receive();

}//end of loop