Grove - 3-Axis Digitial Compass v2.0

Hi Seeed Community!

I am thinking about buying Grove - 3-Axis Digitial Compass v2.0 for my Pi Zero W.

I have 2 questions regarding this sensor:

  1. Does the Pi have to be on a flat surface for this sensor to work? Or this works as mobile phones do in any device position? The reason why I am asking is because the device I am building will always be carried around by the user.

  2. Does it need to be calibrated? The reason why I ask is because in the sensor page only speaks on how to calibrate it for Arduino and not for the Pi.

Thank you so much for your help!


  • It works from anywhere.
  • If you are using a scene that requires a high degree of precision, it will need to be calibrated

Thanks for your reply Baozhu!

Do you know where can I find how to calibrate it on a RPi? The sensor tutorials only mention calibration for the arduino.

I have not found a method for you to calibrate in RPI for the time being, but it is a place worth discussing in the later stage, and we will improve it in the future.