Grove - 3-axis Compass v1.0b - calibration

If this compass is not calibrated, then the data you get is likely to be very inaccurate - in my case accuracy varied enourmously during a 360 rotation and was between 20-80 degress out when uncalibrated.

After a fair bit of research & effort I have tracked down some information and made a good start at calibrating the X & Y axis, but have not done the Z axis yet.

Also I have not finished - eg the localisation part, but felt I should publish before I get sidetracked on one of my many many other projects.

I have updated the sample code including plenty of doco/instructions at This code also points to some Processing code (hosted on my own site) to help display and calibrate your data.

I hope this is a good start to a complete 3D calibration process for this sensor.

Thanks for your sharing the code.That would be helpful.