Grove 16x2 LCD, Base Hat and RBP

Hey lads,

I have a raspberry pi with a grove base hat and I can manage to program leds, buzzers, sensors etc. without a hitch in Python. The only problem I have is programming the LCD display and I can’t seem to find any tutorial explaining this, beside the one on the Seeed website that tells me to install this which doesnt work:

curl -sL | sudo bash -s -

I get the error message: installatin FAILED, FAILED, FAILED

Does anyone have any idea how to program the Grove-16x2 LCD (white on blue) with python on a Raspberry Pi?

Thanks in advance

Okay, so maybe Grove should update their software, because it only works on older versions of raspbian. I installed buster and it worked. But obviously, that’s not idea. Sending all grove hats back and we bought 70 packages for our school.

Hello, if there is no way to install normally using this method, our wiki also provides a step-by-step installation method, you can try this method.

This method reports an error because it requires an earlier system to be corrected on the Raspberry Pi in January 2020 to work

Tried this as well, doesn’t work. Anyhow, I sent everything back so problem solved, I guess :slight_smile:

I understand, we will solve this problem as soon as possible, sorry again for the inconvenience caused to you