Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader - detailed API / Protokoll specification

Hello seeed studio team,

i would like to get more information on the protocol of the
Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader
i find the wiki is very minimalist - and the example does not show if - and when - what other options / API calls are available.

a little bit reverse engineering:
It uses a generic microcontroller:
I/O Flash Type MCU with EEPROM

The HT48F06E, HT48F10E and HT48F30E are 8-bit high-performance, RISC architecture microcontroller devices specifically designed for multiple I/O control product applications.

so what this thing does / can do - is only available to you as the developers :wink:
pleas give us some more in depth information-
for example

  • how is the Check-Sum created?
  • best give a arduino code example how to convert the read info to the Card-Number

looking forward to read some more RFID :wink:
sunny greetings