Grove-10A_DC_Current_Sensor-ACS725 supply volts?

The PCB is labelled “3.3/5V” and the web page says the same along with 264mV/A sensitivity.

However the manufacturers datasheet for the ACS725 says “3.3 V, single supply operation” and the maximum voltage is 3.6V They also quote 264mV/A when operating at 3.3V as does the grove web site

The question is does the board survive an extended period at 5V?

Hi @kbkoala, You are right about the ACS725, but in the Grove module it comes with XC6206P332MR inbuilt 3.3v voltage regulator, so it can handle a maximum of 6v input without any problem.

Attaching the Grove - 10A DC Current Sensor (ACS725) schematic below, you can get more details at Grove - 10A DC Current Sensor (ACS725) Wiki