Ground Short Circuit [127V] Help

I really can’t believe what happened. I lent my DSO203 to a friend, who brilliantly did the following connections

127V -> DSO CH A GND -> USB CABLE -> Notebook Grounded

The current came from the ground probe, to the USB ground, to the notebook ground and fried everything in the way.

Please, I really need your help to fix this. :cry:

I can notice that the led red light up when I connect the battery.

It is noticible the short in the region of the R47 (Please check the picture)
And something on L8.

I have no idea just by looking at the schematics…

Any ideias? Please…





Any help? Please!

Does any one know where can I buy replacement parts?

I’d start off by checking the voltage supplies to see what state they are in. Then it might be worth checking the current draw from the battery to see whether that is reasonable. I would guess it should be around 200mA. If the supplies are working do you then get backlight on the screen. I.e. does it go white on turn on.

SeeedStudio should be a source of spare parts but for the standard voltage regulator / battery charging parts you can just try eBay.

Having said that, if any of the fault current flowed near the major Ics (logic Array, CPU) and took those out then the board is effectively a write off.