Ground on the Music Shield


It seems the Music Shield has covered all the pins on the Arduino Uno, and all the ground pins on the larger Arduinos. On the Arduino Mega, I have uncovered pinouts available for use, but I’m not sure how I can use them if ground is covered by the Music Shield. Am I unable to drive any other devices if I use the Music Shield - for example turn on an LED while playing music?

Am I missing something?


We can light up a LED while playing music,and something else.
You can use other I/O pins which are not used in music shield ,and you can use other devices also.

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Can you elaborate how you did it? Most of the LED examples I’ve seen require you to connect to the ground on the Arduino to complete the circuit. The Music Shield covers all the ground pinouts, so I’m not sure what I’d make as ground.


All the ground pin is common , so you can connect you LED to any ground pin .


But all of the ground pins are covered by the music shield?! Is there something I’m missing?

Not all are covered with GND, more details , please kindly check the eagle file .