Groove - XBee carrier error

Hi all - just getting into XBee, and trying to get an RF Bee working on the the XBee Carrier. I’ve installed the latest driver on my Windows 8 machine, and in X-CTU can see the COM port, but it keeps saying “Unable to communicate with modem”. Tried multiple baud rates all without success. Any ideas??

sound strange, I try to config Xbee via a carry, success. Win8 also~ :smiley:

Is there anything I can try?? I am using latest version of X-CTU. I’ve rebooted both the computer and the carrier a number of times.

OK, tried a different PC (Windows 7) and get the same error. In PC Settings (settings.jpg)


I click Test/Query and it says “Communicating with modem…” and get the error “Unable to communicate with modem” (error.jpg).


I’ve tried with with and without “Enable API” selected. I’ve also tried with 2 different USB cables.

Anyone help?

Just found that if I leave X-CTU sit there for about 60 seconds, I eventually get the following:


OK, seems like a dodgy RFBee. I’ve put a few Xbees into a UartSBee and this one isn’t reading while the new ones are. I’ll look at returning it…