Green Wireless Power Issue

I have a Beagle Bone Green Wireless setup with:


  • Debian IoT image

    WiFi disabled

    Bluetooth disabled

    Keyboard connected to USB

    3G USB dongle connected to USB port

    Powered by micro USB port
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    The device is supposed to received keystrokes and send it to cloud. The software part is working correctly. But after running for a few days, that device starts shutting down automatically and does not reboot. If I unplug and replug the device, it boot and works properly for a few minutes and then shutsdown again

    On checking the system logs, I realised that the device does a clean shutdown (possibly because of PMIC low power trigger), so I have disabled the power button

    Assuming it is a power issue, I have now connected a 5VDC, 2A supply to P9 header, but the same issue is observed.

    I have checked the documentation but I am unable to figure out what is the minimum supply needed to keep the device operational when more than one USB peripheral is powered by the device.


    I had an issue w/ powering more than one USB device before on a BBB. It could be a power issue. I know that the BBB only has one USB port but I have a BBG and BBGW, too.

    I know you may have thought of this before but here goes:


  • You may want to try to use a powered USB hub and find the port you are using on your BBGW.
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    If that fails, let me know.

    I can look up more info. on this subject when you move on from the above example of issues.


    P.S. There are configuration situations that will enable using a powered USB hub but it should be “plug and play.” So, power the BBGW separately from the USB hub and report back. I know this sounds silly but this is one avenue to try so far.