Green LED Blinking


After starting the board, the green led keeps blinking. I am trying to update the firmware using the firmware update tool but the tool timesout all the time. Can you please help me?


Hi there:
In my case, i had to try several times; Using W10, i watched the hardware administrator every time i turned on the gsm module; when i saw a new COM port appeared (module not in storage mode), i pushed the button from the firmware tool, and then i was able to patch the new FW.
It was after several tries, though.
Hope this can help you.

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The blinking LED shows that the OS is running - the guys kept a heartbeat LED, but it annoyed me, so I just removed.
And you can’t update firmware with running OS, first turn it off and try so.
Also, if that does not help, unplug everything, plug in the battery, plug in to USB, and now it should be in a flashable state (DON’T turn on!)