GPS Tracker project


Just wondering if anyone here is interested in a project I’ve been working on, for tracking objects using GPS and LoRa mesh. I have updated it to now support the Xiao board (it had JUST enough GPIO’s!)

Details are here:

Scott Powell

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It’s a great project

Hi I was wondering if you could use a Wio Terminal as the ‘home’ device which receives the radio signal and gps data and displays it on a map? Thanks.

Hi Fred,

The Wio is a really nice looking gadget. Unfortunately, no I don’t have complete code that would run on that, although it wouldn’t take much to get one working.
It would have to have a LoRa module, like an SX1262, attached via SPI. Does Seeed give samples to developers by any chance? I could get a firmware working on it.

Utilising that LCD screen would be really nice. Displaying a map on that would be extremely difficult, though. (not sure if that’s what you meant?) Easier to use the Bluetooth in the Wio to have it connect to either Ripple Commander Android app, or Ripple Tactical app.

Hi Scott

Thanks a lot for the info. Yes - it’s the map that I really want to display. I have some code but I have not yet made it work (still trying). You are right it is difficult. My problem is that my phone is android 5.0.0 and really useless - so I saw the Wio as a phone alternative. I am part of so I have Lilygo tbeams. I also have Grove 868Mhz radio and still looking to code those into the Wio. But maybe this is a deadend!

I am also working on similar project , might be interesting for you I guess : Loko