GPS for extrem hiker

Hi guys
I have the following problem:
A friend is an extrem hiker, only map (paper!) and compass;
no other help and he is ‘running’ through the woods of northern
Finnland. The compromise with his wife could be a modificatd
I want to build, only with GPS, GSM and Breakout and a bigger
batterie, a device which only does one thing:
If he presses a button the rephone should read the GPS-data
and send it as a SMS to a predefined number (lonely-wife)
nothing more or less. (no speaker, no monitor)
My problem; I need an initial ignition how to start; the
rest I will tinkel on my own (I hope)

Sorry for my englisch;
Hardware:RePhone-Kit and the GPS v2

did you look at the Dog tracing collar Recipe? It’s a similar idea, and may give you some hooks to get started with.

Sounds like a great idea, good luck!

Thanks for your response, but
the dog-collar is not what I’m looking for,
because the wife wants a sign of life, not just
the position.(and he don’t want to talk :unamused: )
I although thought about a loop, sending the position
every hour but even this doesn’t show that he is still alive;
just the battery is still full and the rephone works
so we need a tiny interaction from him

Dear Klaus,
I am working on a project involving button based action and later on GPS, more or less what are you looking for but I will have a LED Matrix attached also.
Here is my post for the LED Matrix ,
use the last schematics on the 2’nd page and make abstraction of the LED Matrix wiring. Wire only the button on the
Breakout board (theoretically you can eliminate the Breakout and use the INTERRUPT pins on the RePhone GSM+BLE directly but due to my lack of codding skills someone advised me no to do it so I use the Breakout for button control).
Also I posted the code and there you will see how it is deal with button presses to change the matrix display; in your case will be to adapt the code to send the GPS coord. when a button press is detected.
The DOG Collar project it is great value since it shows how to interact with the GPS and the RePhone, I am reading it again and again and try to understand every step of that code.
Hope you can post your code so others can have a look and learn from …, probably your bigger problem like mine will be to come up with the code. Do not worry, I see the RePhone forum getting bigger and people helping others :wink: (Thanks! everyone for that)

Nice application based on real life need you identified! good luck

PS. are you with Arduino IDE? if yes when you access a pin you need to address it as a number only not as
pin D3 but as pin 3 for example

How about when the deivce powers on it send the gps location then you switch it off so that will be your interaction, or you can use the pins on the pad as a switch.