gps bee touch sheild

can any one confirm
gps bee will not be able to display on touch screen shield the only available pins for serial comms on this shield
are tx0 and rx1 the gps bee can not use these pins even if running newsoftserial .

gps bee will run off any D pins 2-13 but the touch screen occupy pins D2 through to D13

now im very new to all of this you guys at seeed will surly have an answer
if Im correct then sheild aint alot of use to me .ihope that this post may prompt a response
it will be a shame cos ive got quite a lot of money to spend on hardware that I can get to work.
good support is far more important than inexpensive hardware well thats what is important to me

many thanks in advance

Sorry for the late replay.
You can use hard serial(D0/D1) with your gps bee,just connect the the TX(gps) to RX(arduino) .
More detail you can visit , see the example “SerialEvent”.


many thanks for that deray.Some partial success I used the serial event example and yes I can now get
the gps string to display in the serial monitor without the touch shield the gps bee tx is wired into the rx pinon the arduino. but all I get to the serial monitor when the touch sheild is fitted is just one string it will only update
if the reset button on the duel bee sheild is out put to screen .but I need to look at the code im using
not certain if its correct to parse the gps string to the screen

anyway thanks its a start in the right direction i think
cheers ken