GPS Bee - no satellites?

Hooked up the GPS Bee to my Arduino Uno. Got it talking. It sees satellites and gets the time from them, but doesn’t show location data. I set it in the window and let it run for an hour or so. Here’s what I get, repeated over and over. The satellites change from time to time, as does the time itself:


What am I missing?

Hooked it up to u-center - same deal, except now it isn’t even getting the time. Could it be a bad unit?

Edit: left it running connected to u-center all night. It now shows several satellites, all red/unavailable and ‘No Fix’. Presumably it found and lost satellites during the night.

I have it set up on a windowsill where other GPS units have no problems. Does this have really low sensitivity, or could I have a bad antenna? I’m using the ‘Mini Embedded’ antenna that came with it - the small square unit with the U.FL connector and cable.

Second edit: works just fine if I move it 3" to the outside of the window. Have to get a longer USB cable for testing, I guess.