Gprs v2 server mode issues


I am using the gprs v2 shield as a server with multiple connections, I am able to get some connection but sometimes the server hangs, it says it is in listening mode (as it should be) but it does not discover any new connections, restarting the code fixes the problem, it looks as if the tcp stack is overloaded or something like that.

how can I fix this issue? is there a “flush tcp-stack” command? maybe a firmware update?

my code for running the server is:

sendATcommand(“AT+CIPMUX=1”, “OK”, 2000);
sendATcommand(“AT+CGATT=1”, “OK”, 2000);
sendATcommand(“AT+CIPCSGP=1,“””, “OK”, 2000);
sendATcommand(“AT+CSTT”, “OK”, 2000);
sendATcommand(“AT+CIICR”, “OK”, 2000);
sendATcommand(“AT+CIFSR”, “my-ip-address”, 3000);
sendATcommand("AT+CIPSERVER=1,“80"”, “OK\n\nSERVER OK”, 2000);