GPRS V2.0 Power Problem

I’m working with the GPRS Module V2.0, but i’m having problems with the power, I’m using the module to send data via ftp to a server sending data each hour, I’m using an Arduino Mega 2560 board, when I use a charger (5V@0.7A) it works great, but when i use a rechargable battery (12V@7Ah) with a regulator (L7805CV - 5V @ 1A) it works for a couple of hours and then it drains all the battery. So what kind of power its required by this module?


I think you have solved your problem since last year but I used shield : … cPath=1_75
and Li-on battery … ?cPath=1_3

and no problem for battery

On my side I have problem for send file by ftp from my sd card , can you show your code ?


Hello tabanou :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem. Did you find a solution to your problem? Any example code?