GPRS V2.0 - finding the time

I’m creating a sculpture want wanting to switch this on and off at different times of the day. I’m wanting to get the time from this shield if I can. Used AT+CLTS but just gives and error and AT+CCLK? time looks like it might need to be updated. Does anyone know how else I might find the time and date?

cheers Paul

I’m successfully getting network time from this shield using


followed by


You do need to wait until the network is up before these will work, which here usually takes 15 seconds after power up minimum

Hi thanks for that Dave25
this still doesn’t work, might be the network, in New Zealand and using 2Degree sim. Although reading the most up today manual does help :slight_smile:

cheers Paul

Hi Paul

Sorry for the slow reply

I’m in NZ too using 2degrees too, and it does work. Are you making sure to wait until you’re connected to the network and that the modem returns “Call Ready” before you start pushing commands at it?

From power up I wait for “Call Ready”, if you don’t see that at all, try AT+IPR=19200 then reboot

After I get Call Ready I pass the following commands

AT+GSV (this gives me firmware version, good way to make sure the modem is awake etc)

AT+CSQ (This reports signal quality)

and finally


The response from AT+CCLK? sometimes echos the actual AT command and sometimes doesn’t, but other than that the actual response it working very reliably (I’ve probably done 100 reboots using it without issue)