GPRS v2.0 ERROR in HTTP Application

My software written and working on V1.0 was almost completely a copy of the commands as described in the Wiki page for V1.0 shield.
Now when I try those commands on V2.0 I get ERROR response after AT+SAPBR=1,1 and following also error on AT+HTTPINIT, etc.

Can anybody advice how to make a HTTP request with this V2.0 shield?

Hi, thanks for your feedback. We didn’t changed the communication part, can you compare the firmware version(AT+CGMR) of the shields in your hands? We need more information for analysis.

The v.1.0 is in operation on a remote location. So unfortunately I don’t know that version, but for sure I did not alter any firmware.

The v.2.0 AT+CGMR returns: Revision:1137B11SIM900M64_ST