GPRS V1 SIM Contact duplication dificulties

Forgive me, I’m relatively new, so I’m having trouble interpreting what to do with commands, and how to format.

From what I have read, this should be a relatively easy task. I’ve written to seeed support and they returned a PDF with the proper commands to run the shield.

My goal is to set up a self-sufficient unit to back up a phone book. I want to be able to inset a sim(A) hit a button to read/store, then inset another sim(B) and hit the button again to dump the phone book there. If I can push it, add an LED to the mix to indicate read/write.

I am trying to run this on an uno.

The read command is listed as:


The write command seems to be listed as:

AT+CPBR= <index1> [, <index2>]

Index1 seems to be the source, and Index2 seems to be the target.

If someone could help me form this to usable code/springboard the project, it’d be great!..or even offer some middle level resources.