GPRS unit not responding to NewSoftSerial


I bought a GPRS sheild from Seeeduino and tested it with Arduino Uno using the NewSoftSerial as mentioned in the wiki page. However my terminal program is not responding to any AT messages. When I connect the sheild to hardware URT as mentioned in wiki page, it seems to be working. Could somebody help me what the problem could be and a possible solution to this. I have read some other posts with a similar problem but they don’t have a solution. Could it be that the Seeeduino product is defective, since some others also seem to be having this problem.


hi,dear customer. if you connect the shield to hardware UART it works, then, the GPRS shield would be ok since it just communicate with MCU with the UART. you may need to check:1. the soft UART in your Uno works.2. select the jumper to D7(RX)and D8(TX). and , if you could supply more information about your problem, i could help you more about your problem. thanks.