GPRS Shield


I have recently ordered the below mentioned shield

Is there any one who has succesfully used this shield to post data on the internet.


you can refer to the wiki: … using_GPRS

there is a demo code about upload the data to the pachube(a website), maybe it can help you, thanks.

I am trying to use the code but it does not work. I have tried the code which takes the serial commands and prints the results of At commands but it does not work. I have successfully used the code for SMS but the codes which have used software serial does not seem to work.


hi, you can try the command as follow:




AT+SAPBR=3,1,“CONTYPE”,“GPRS”//setting the connect type is gprs

AT+SAPBR=3,1,“APN”,“CMNET”//setting the APN and using CMNET


AT+HTTPINIT//init the http

AT+HTTPPARA=“URL”,“”//request to google’s website, you can change to your website

AT+HTTPACTION=0//post the request

AT+HTTPREAD//get the datas

you can try the above commands in sequence, the fuction is launch a request to the, for more detail you can refer to the AT commands, besides, we will release a new demo code for how to connect to the internet soon, thanks.